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who we are.

Savigny Will Writers began out of a desire to bring a friendly, compassionate service to people considering how to manage their estate after they pass away.

Founder Nigel Pearce has spent a lifetime helping older people to arrange and protect their finances. Recognising how worrying it can be when people don’t have the correct documents and procedures in place to protect their assets, he decided to help with a practical, friendly service.

Knowing that peace of mind is valuable to older people Nigel started Savigny Will Writers to offer a comprehensive service that takes the time to help people organise their thoughts before committing them to a legal document.

Nigel’s wealth of experience and pragmatic attitude create trustworthy bonds with his clients. He helps clients consider all aspects of their legacy before creating a robust Will, including Trusts if applicable, that ensures their wishes will be followed.

As Nigel gets to know his clients, he often discovers other areas where they need practical assistance and advice, hence Savigny offers a number of further services to help bring peace of mind to every client.

Not just Will’s.

Savigny can help you with many other legal documents, processes and entitlements

Sadly, dying without a Will creates real problems for the family left behind. It can take many months or evens years for a legacy to be resolved, with the state deciding who should benefit.

Often there is anger and heartache. Family disputes can erupt causing lasting damage and if divorced, former partners can have a legitimate right to inherit.

Making a Will is a positive step to ensure your wishes for how your estate is passed on will definitely be followed.

Over 50% of adults in the UK don’t have a Will

Trust Savigny to help

We make writing Wills and Trusts easy for you ensuring your assets will be protected and your wishes fulfilled when the time comes.

making a Will doesn’t have to be daunting

We understand it can seem daunting but with our help and experience we make the experience friendly and efficient.

Savigny offers guidance with the things you need to think about, for example how to make a list of your assets, how to set up a Trust or leave a gift for a favourite charity.
Above all we want you to be happy with the decisions you make, so before completing your Will you have the chance to reflect and make amendments.

Our role is to make sure you are satisfied and content with your Will, giving you the comfort of knowing your wishes will be fulfilled.

To discover the friendly service that offers you peace of mind

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