Wills & Trusts

Everyone needs a Will

A Will protects your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out on your death; everyone should have one.

Savigny will writers take the worry away and offer peace of mind for now and the future.

Your wishes, Your way

Savigny helps you protect your legacy. We assist you to protect what you own and how you would like it passed on, ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.

Dying without a Will leaves a legacy of tears

Sadly, dying without a Will creates real problems for the family left behind. It can take many months or evens years for a legacy to be resolved, with the State deciding who should benefit.

Often there is anger and heartache. Family disputes can erupt causing lasting damage and if divorced, former partners can have a legitimate right to inherit.

Making a Will is a positive step, ensuring your wishes for how your estate is distributed have to be followed.

10 Benefits of making a Will

  1. Ensures your assets are passed to the people you want
  2. Opportunity to reduce Inheritance Tax
  3. Avoids intestacy where the State decides who inherits
  4. Reduces the chances of disputes
  5. Protects your partner if you are unmarried
  6. Defines arrangements for underage children
  7. Safeguards the family home
  8. Allows you to give something to specific charities
  9. Gives protection for your pets
  10. Specifies wishes for your funeral

When should you make a Will?

Everyone should have a Will it’s the only way to protect your assets when you die, but it’s especially important when there are major changes in your life such as serious illness, the onset of dementia, moving to a care home, marriage, divorce, a house purchase, the birth of a child or starting a business.

If you're unsure whether you need a Will contact Savigny today

Making a Will doesn’t have to be daunting

We understand it can seem daunting but with our help and experience we make the experience friendly and efficient.

Savigny offers guidance with the things you need to think about, for example how to make a list of your assets, how to set up a Trust or leave a gift for a favourite charity.

Above all we want to ensure you are happy with the decisions you make, so before completing your Will you have the chance to make amendments after you’ve had the chance to reflect.

Our role is to make sure you are completely happy with your Will giving you the comfort of knowing your wishes will be fulfilled.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement where you give cash, property or investments to someone else (the Trustee) so they can look after them for the benefit of a third person (the Beneficiary).

For example, you could put some of your savings aside in a trust for the benefit of your children or grand children.

The benefit is that when you die, provided certain conditions are met, their value won’t be counted when your Inheritance Tax is worked out.

Trusts can be set up at any time or written into your Will. Savigny can help you understand all the benefits and options and can create trusts to help protect you and your family’s assets.

What our clients say

Trust Savigny to help

We make writing Wills and Trusts easy for you ensuring your assets will be protected and your wishes fulfilled when the time comes.

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