Trust Savigny to help

We know there are admin tasks that seem simple but become more difficult as you age.

You can trust Savigny to calmly and professionally help you navigate the burden of admin, protections and entitlements to help you now, and protect your legacy for the future.

House Protection

Connected to Severance of Tenancy a share of a house can be put into Trust in order to protect against care home costs. We help you understand the benefits and to complete the necessary paperwork.

Additional Assistance

There are a number of simple steps you help you take to protect your home, as well as some entitlements you may be eligible for. We also help with burdensome admin tasks.

Personal Tax Returns

If you need help compiling your personal tax information and completing an online or paper-based tax return before the deadline, Savigny can help.

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Support is available if one of the adults in a house has dementia and/or if one of the couple has severe physical disabilities.

Each local council operates their own scheme so rates vary across the country.

Savigny can help you complete the necessary application forms to apply for the discount for any of the local councils around Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire.

Blue Badge

A Blue Badge can give you exemption from some parking restrictions and access to designated parking spaces.

You are entitled to a Blue Badge under a number of circumstances including if you have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or you’re registered blind.

Savigny can help you understand all the criteria that apply and fill-in the necessary application form for you.

Severance of Tenancy

Ask us for advice about Severance of Tenancy – it’s something that you could be unaware of but in certain circumstances it makes sense to change the type of ownership you and your partner have of your home.

You may wish to sever a joint tenancy to prevent the children of a former relationship being disinherited or to protect against care home costs.

While sounding complicated severing a tenancy is a logical step for some people. Savigny can explain all the benefits and disadvantages to help you decide what is right for you and complete the necessary paperwork for you.

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